Why UpRight?

As interior designers, we realized the need for a service that can simplify the artwork selection and specification process while still delivering dynamic aesthetics.  Upright is our solution.

Artwork has a huge importance to the overall interior design environment.  The right choice in artwork can inspire, impress, and support your brand as well as alter the entire feeling or mood of a space through color and imagery.

However, art is subjective and is often a difficult item to get a large group of decision makers to agree upon.  Our curated collections will help guide decision makers towards an overall look and feel that the artwork will provide, making the individual pieces easier to select.  

Our curated collections of nature inspired artwork is the perfect finishing touch for healthcare and corporate environments because Biophilic imagery is well received by all cultures.   Because human beings are physiologically part of nature, we need to feel connected to the outdoors in order to feel whole. It can actually increase wellbeing, efficiency, productivity and creativity while reducing stress!

We have several material options to print the digital images on to create additional interest.  All of our art is mounted with stainless steel 1”D stand-offs for a contemporary install. We also offer installation services in the tri state area and this option can be added at checkout. 

While we offer limited sizes of 30x30s and 30x60s, we have proven that they work great considering interior elements such as seating in waiting rooms, stubborn fire strobes, ceiling heights 8-12’, ADA signs and wall protection.  The art can be grouped together to create larger installations through triptychs. 

Additionally, to support our sustainability efforts to eliminate waste, these sizes are yielded from full material sheets.

Let’s get the artwork in your space UpRight!