Is UpRight right for me? Check out our blog Why UpRight?

How will my artwork be installed? All artwork is mounted with 1" Diameter StandOffs.  10+ pieces we can provide installation in the TriState area (check rates here).   For a step-by-step on how to install the artwork yourself, check out our install video.

How high should I hang my artwork? See our info graphic with the height we recommend art be hung.

What is the difference between the substrate materials for art?  Take a look for material details here.  Need to see it first?  Order a material sample box here.

Are the colors I see on my screen accurate?  There will always be some deviation from screen to screen and then screen to print. However, images typically print out accurately to our source files.  

Can I custom color a piece of art or collection?  When 10+ pieces are ordered, we can offer a custom coloring fee.  Please see our Custom Coloring Consultation for more information.

What are your artwork sizes? As per our sustainability goals to minimize waste, we have come up with two versatile sizes, 30x30 + 30x60.  We have designed triptych groupings to cover larger expanses + have also developed 30x60 Vertical options + groupings for larger lobby spaces. Check out our Versatility Video to see how different sizes come together.

I need help laying out the artwork in my space, can you help?  Yes!  By purchasing our artwork layout consultation package, you can supply a pdf floor plan of your space + some pictures/finish references, we can prepare an artwork location plan + curate your artwork package!

Can I order a custom size? Our print files are scaled to the sizes offered and are not currently available for alternate sizes. However for custom projects, please contact us via email at upright@id-inspiredesign.com.

How accurate are the item's dimensions listed on the product description pages?  Pretty dead on, Within 1/8"

How do I maintain my art?  Our art is great for infection control and can be cleaned with a soft rag and water based spray detergent.  For prints on Metal, please allow a curing period of 2 weeks.  

Can I supply my own image for print?  We are not currently providing this service.  However, if this is a larger custom installation, please contact upright@id-inspiredesign.com to discuss the specifics of your project.

What are your current lead times?  Current production leads times are 3-4 weeks.  Subject to change depending on material availability.  Shipping times to be determined.

How are your products shipped? Private courier service delivers products and pricing is tiered based on qty.  See this quick link for reference.

What if my product is damaged?  All of our products are thoroughly inspected before being packaged and shipped.  Please provide any claims with in 48 hours of delivery.

Can I return my artwork? All products are print on demand and returns are not accepted. 

Can I hang this artwork in a sunroom? Yes

Can I hang in a high moisture area? Yes

What are your sustainability practices?  All of our artwork sizes are yielded from full sheets of material to minimize waste.

Why is your artwork mostly nature inspired?  Read more about Biophilic Design on our blog here

How do I know what curated collection is right for me or my space?  We have created vibe boards to portray an overall look and feel.   Also check out our Think UpRight look book for thought starters and to see how the collections translate into space. 

I am trying to figure out a budget for our project? Are there any tools available to me?  Yes, check it out here.

We are large organization/facility department looking to make continued purchases, do you offer discounts?  Please reach out to us upright@id-inspiredesign.com + we can get you in our system for tiered discount pricing.

We are a non-proifit organization looking to make continued purchases, do you offer discounts? Please reach out to us upright@id-inspiredesign.com + we can get you in our system for tiered discount pricing.